Enhance your Language Classroom

Lingco Classroom provides the tools for instructors to elevate the language learning experience.
Our platform uses adaptive technology to help every student reach fluency.

Lingco Classroom

Built from the ground up with the student experience in mind, we make learning fun, efficient and convenient.

Individualized Instruction

Built from the ground up for differentiated instruction, Lingco can identify a student's level and dynamically deliver the content that they need to progress. From an introductory student to a near native speaker, Lingco is for everyone.

Modern Tools

Lingco provides the tools that teachers need to help students reach fluency. From completely customizable content to an intuitive classroom interface, we give you the power to do things you couldn’t do before.

Platform Features

We built a modern platform to give instructors the tools needed to successfully run a language course in today’s world.

Personalized Learning

With adaptive questioning, Lingco can quickly and accurately determine what a student knows and change the content presented to meet the student where they're at, regardless of their level.

Course Management

Integrated gradebooks with easy-to-use exporting, reusable content and LMS integrations make it painless to incorporate Lingco alongside existing tools.

Engaging Content

Our content creation tools give you the ability create the course that you envision. Immerse students in the target language with authentic content, enriched by our engaging question types.

Insightful Analytics

Understand students' progress with our real-time analytics and identify areas that students need help. With Lingco, there are fewer surprises on test day.

How It Works

Powered by artificial intelligence, Lingco frees instructors to spend less time grading homework and more time working with students.

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AI-Assisted Grading

Instructors can efficiently grade and give feedback on groups of responses at a time. With Lingco, instructors can turn assignments around in a fraction of the time with better feedback.

Always Accessible

Take learning on the go and make progress with our bite-sized study sessions. Whether on the bus or between classes, Lingco is there with our Web, iPhone, and Android apps.

Our Team

We're built for students by students and for instructors by instructors. Our wide range of perspectives help ensure that Lingco's the platform for everyone.

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Angie Pope


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