Engaging Content

Our platform empowers instructors to create the course that they envision.

Lingco's content creation tools give instructors the ability to immerse their students in the target language with the use of authentic content, enriched by engaging question types.

Build Interactive Activities

Our activity builder makes it easy to create rich and interactive learning experiences. Instructors can create questions that use audio, video, drag and drop, and even speech recognition without the need for any plugins or additional software. Learn more about the different types of questions available here.

Give Rich Feedback

While most student responses can be automatically graded, we have built an efficient grading workflow to enable instructors to quickly turn around work. With our extensive suite of integrated review tools, instructors can easily provide inline feedback to both written and audio responses.

Extensive Global Library

In addition to creating your own content, our global content library has hundreds of activities and vocabulary sets created by our Subject Matter experts. Global content can be used, cloned, and modified to fit your course.

Share and Collaborate

Content can be shared between instructors, departments and institutions, making collaboration on curriculum and content development easy. Additionally, each institution has a private library that instructors can publish content to, for use in future courses.

Easily Import

Existing content from other platforms such as Quizlet and Learning Management Systems like Canvas, D2L, Moodle, and Blackboard can be easily migrated to our platform without any additional work.

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