Insightful Analytics

Our real-time analytics give you a clear picture into your students' progress.

Lingco lets you know exactly where your students are in their journey so that you can tailor your instruction as needed. With Lingco, there are fewer surprises on test day.


Content Recommendations

Since Lingco is always learning alongside your students, it can provide recommendations on suitable content for your class. This includes videos, music, activities, and texts based on the vocabulary and grammar skills your students know and are working on.


Smart Placement Assessments

Reliably and efficiently place students based on recommendations from our adaptive placement tests that align directly with a program's curriculum and provide instant results without the need for a proctor or grader.

Uncover Trends

Using per-question and per-rubric statistics on assignments, instructors can visualize student performance. Patterns, common errors, and misconceptions can be identified and fixed.

Track Growth

With pre and post course proficiency assessments, instructors can use Lingco to analyze and measure individual, group, and program growth and make informed decisions on curriculum and training.

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