Personalized Learning

Every student is unique. It’s time that we take a personal approach.

Lingco uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know.


Dynamic Learning Sessions

Each vocabulary session is tailored to keep the content relevant and suitably challenging for each learner. Lingco takes into account previous knowledge and proficiency to ensure that learners can speed through what they already know and focus on what they need to progress.


Enhanced Feedback

When a student makes a mistake, Lingco analyzes the response and provides feedback on why it's wrong. Whether it's a misplaced accent, an error with gender or number agreement, or an incorrect verb tense, Lingco can guide students in the right direction, eliminating misconceptions and frustrations and promoting learning.

Incremental Information

In order to make learning large amounts of information more manageable and less stressful, Lingco breaks down the content into small bite-size study sessions. Rather than attempting to learn an entire vocabulary set at once, students only focus on a few words at a time.

Optimized Reminders

Lingco creates a model of each student's memory and individually assesses the best time for each word or phrase to be practiced. By using spaced repetition, learners can transfer vocabulary from their short term to long term memory quickly and efficiently.

Mastery-Based Learning

Students' final scores on vocabulary sets are never impacted by the number of incorrect answers, but rather by the number of terms that they mastered in the end. This allows students to make mistakes without fear of a bad grade and encourages more practice for those who need it.

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